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More than 225 reasons to opt for world class HRMantra over ANY OTHER HR & Payroll softwares IN THE WORLD-HRMantra is the WORLD's MOST POWERFUL HR & PAYROLL SOFTWARE.

No other vendor can claim even 20 features that are superior to HRMantra

Still looking for differences?….why even think of a  half baked solution from others having dangerous limitations. Keep yourself secured by buying a fully web based, scalable and fully parameterised world class HRMantra software which gives you savings over 10 times it cost. You are going to be buying such an HR software just once for your company across the country and thus it is very critical that you opt for the most comprehensive and user friendly HR, Payroll and administration management software. If you do not want to opt for modules like payroll or PMS immediately you can do so as it is modular in nature-you cal always add such modules later on if required. In case you buy a featureless HR software, you will not be able to tell the management later on, that you took such a HR software  just to save couple of lakhs of rupees because the management will expect the entire HR & Payroll department automation for faster decision making.

Outsource all your HR & Payroll software requirements to HRMantra and  your HR department focus on transformation activities like increasing employee morale, solving employee grievances to reduce attrition, employer brand building, introducing transparency to fasten business decision making and satisfying your internal clients-your employees-which are one of the 3 most important stakeholders of your firm for its growth. So why become a guinea pig buying featureless packages. Be right the first time by buying HRMantra and get peace of mind.