Performance Management

All your performance evaluation policies, competencies mapping & goals management can be set in this module. The confirmation process, performance evaluations & PIP can be fully done, as also normalization & succession planning get automated using this module.

This is the most important module in any HR software, and we have done full justice to its variances. We will ensure that all your performance parameters are considered, and you will be thrilled to see your entire PMS fully automated.

After you set your PMS yearly period, you can set multiple monthly or quarterly performance cycles.

Create multiple pages related to behavioral, functional & technical competencies. Each such page could have different parameters. You can also decide whether these fields can be made visible to the applicants and their managers and whether they are mandatory to fill

Each appraisal form related to the confirmation, the Performance Improvement Plan, or the yearly performance evaluation form can have varied structures with powerful escalation and notification conditions for each level.

Each competency page formula score can vary to give you proper weightage. Also, the desired minimum and maximum score for each competency and the total competencies can be arrived at to work out a smooth bell curve.


Goal reviews could be derived using formulae to calculate goals scored, KRA & page score. You can also decide whether the rating table, page score & page rating needs to be shown.

You can decide whether the employees or their managers can set their goals and review them by themselves or their manager.

All your confirmation, performance evaluation & PIP forms can be structured as desired. For example, the performance evaluation can comprise of the appraisal page summary in which the Hierarchy details of the employees get mentioned, followed by the skills rating page, training development plan, the manager's observations and the submit page.

You can set a 9 or a 16-box grid to easily figure out who will be the best successor to a manager. You can assign a unique name & color to each of these boxes. Based on the potential / readiness versus performance formula, employees can be assigned to various boxes for further analysis.

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