Attendance Management

All the attendance-related work, like the definition of the policies, integration with third-party attendance capturing systems, shift management, and various workflows like regularization, optional holidays, extra work & gate passes, besides attendance processing work, can be executed here.

Extremely detailed mindboggling attendance rules that you may never imagine can be readily configured. The depth of these policies needs to be seen to be believed.

If employees come late, go early or miss work hours in between, you can decide whether to deduct their paid leaves, salary, or leave and then salary with the help of powerful formulae builders.

Elaborate shift details can be defined with shift irregularity policies of missing minutes, worked hours rules, deficit minutes & extra worked calculated using formulae builders. Shift pattern, shift rotation, weekly offs & in-depth shift scheduling can be handled.

You can pick up attendance data in all ways imaginable. When employees enter or exit your geofence or sign in using a webcam or login, logout from HRMantra, swipe card or biometric scans or from a user monitor application installed on their laptops.


There are elaborate workflows for shift change, attendance regularization, optional holidays, extra work, extra hours for team gate pass workflows, and detailed search engines for each transaction.

Before doing attendance processing for the current month, you can define exceptions for deduction. rules for some senior team members & condonement for some employees for coming late or going early due to none of their faults. Attendance processing is one of the most critical monthly tasks, which has been made extremely easy to handle by colorfully comparing it with the previous month's attendance figure. In the video demo, you are bound to get amazed by the expertise we have picked up in understanding all the hire-to-retire HCM pain points across our long dedication from 1999

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