Human Resource Management

  1. Dynamic employee code creation is one of the most important features of this HRMS module wherein the code pattern gets generated automatically based on a combination of alphabets or serial numbers.
  2. Human resource system includes official details page which displays hierarchies like the department, and the location he belongs to; along with the date of confirmation and retirement.
  3. An employee can enter his personal details, wherein he can update his marital status, hobbies, sports, extracurricular activities he participates and awards he has received.
  4. Apart than these, the employee’s job experience, academic and qualification related details can be stored.
  5. Disciplinary actions like suspensions, salary cuts or terminations can be maintained as well in the HRM.
  6. Searching for employees based on criteria, age and experience in the company and generating HRM reports of the same is possible very easily. You can send email / SMS to your employees by creating templates for the same.
  7. It has a very powerful org chart creator, which depicts the number of location your company is based along with the list of departments and designations.
  8. We also have a detailed reporting chart, which depicts employee names, designations and snaps along with their reporting relationships.
  9. When an employee leaves your company, conduct an exit interview after filling up the exit form in which you have to mention the reasons for exit, date of resignation and separation and decide whether you want to prevent him from logging onto HRMantra here on.
  10. HRMantra human resource software has a powerful maker checker facility, in which employees can go online and edit their self details like change of cell phone numbers or address or when they acquire a new qualification. This information is then escalated to the HR and only when the HR authenticates this changed data, will this information be updated in the data bank.
  11. HRMantra human resource management system has a powerful HR analytics tool to help in employee data management.
  12. All these features improve your human resources development processes.

Moving up to better human resources software can help you manage your employees better and take better advantage of your most important asset, your human capital. The right human resource management system for your company is flexible, full-featured and robust enough to meet your needs.

For HRMS software that will meet your needs while exceeding your expectation, turn to HR Mantra with complete confidence. Take control of personnel better than ever before when you depend on us for human resource software.