What is SaaS?  
SaaS stands for Software as a Service model- where a software vendor develops a web-based software and hosts and operates (either independently or through a third-party) the application for use by its clients over the Internet. Clients do not pay heavy upfront charges and instead pay subscription fees for using the software. 

  What are the benefits of SaaS?  

The benefits of SaaS are

 Cost savings Focus on core / strategic Best practices deployment Reduced time-to-market
• Reduced IT investments
• No maintenance costs
• Reduced TCO & faster ROI
• Improved business process
• Enhanced reliability
• Scalability
• Faster deployment time
•Easy adoption
  What are the differences between SaaS and conventional model?

Conventional ERP

SaaS Model

High capital expenditure

No capital expenditure

Direct & indirect investments

No investments

Ballooning costs

Low-cost subscription model

Long implementation time

Implement in days or weeks



Limited access

Anytime, anywhere access

Upgrades at extra cost

Free upgrades

Limited licensing

Flexible licensing

HRMantra software and services

What is HRMantra software On Demand service?
HRMantra is India’s 1st fully web based HR & Payroll software to be offered on SaaS. It is India’s most comprehensive such software. It is delivered as a subscription service, giving real time access to business information, at the click of a button. It is so easy that within 1 click from just 1 main portal page, a user can get into his desired page. It requires minimal training and can be accessed from anywhere.
HRMantra on demand HR & Payroll software automates all such business processes. In this model, no software is required at your end. All you need is an internet connection

 What are the benefits of HRMantra software?

The benefits of HRMantra software include

 Robust growth

·  End-to-end automation helps you focus on growing your business
·  Complete visibility enables quick & smart decisions

Better management

·  Ensures access anytime, anywhere
·  Supports regulatory compliance
·  Enables delegation & improves control

Cost savings

· No Capital expenditure. Minimal operating expenses only
·  Start with what you need and scale as you grow
·  Maintenance free - technology upgrades & data
·  Dramatic reduction in recurring IT costs

Increased profitability

·  Enhances visibility & ensures optimal utilization of materials, machinery & manpower
·  Maximizes on opportunities
·  Reduces business cycle time
·  Optimizes working capital

 What are the modules of HRMantra software?  

The modules are

  • Core
  • Staffing
  • Induction
  • HRIS
  • Projects
  • Attendance
  • Leave
  • Claim
  • Payroll
  • PMS
  • LMS

We have also recently developed a Sales CRM software.

  How quickly can businesses benefit from HRMantra software  
Companies can start benefiting from HRMantra software in very a short time due to lower investments and minimal implementation times. HRMantra software adapts to changes.
  Is HRMantra On demand software too expensive?  
The option of running own IT department is extremely expensive. HRMantra on demand software comes without infrastructure costs, technical resource costs, AMC and other hidden costs normally encountered in a conventional ERP. The customer pays a nominal subscription for availing the service. Hence, HRMantra software provides high predictability and is very affordable.

  Can HRMantra software be customized?
Yes, HRMantra software can be customized. HRMantra software has all the features required to run an organization; if customization is required, we do it.

  Is HRMantra on demand software version specific?  
No, HRMantra on demand software is not version specific. Whenever new features are released or added it is immediately updated into the existing system and made available to all the clients.

  How long would HRMantra on demand software be usable?  
HRMantra on demand software is an evergreen solution that changes as your business changes. It get continuously updated of new features / modules 

  What do I need to get started with HRMantra on demand software?  
All you need to have is a PC with an Internet Explorer version 6.0 and an internet connection. 

  How safe is my data when I use HRMantra on demand software?
Your data is extremely safe. HRMantra server is hosted in India’s most reputed datacenter in Mumbai which is certified for ISO 27001 standards which is the highest international standard for data management and security.

  How safe and reliable is the communication backbone?
The communication is through noted service providers, who are also servicing the likes of standard core banking solutions of other software. With the main service and a hot back up (like Leased Line and ISDN), it is extremely safe and reliable.

  What security does HRMantra provide?
HRMantra utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. See Security


How can I be sure my data is secure?

When you log in, the URLs used to access your data are all preceded with https:// instead of http://, which indicates that a secure connection has been established. Furthermore, whenever your password is changed or reset, or when you log in from a computer you have not used to access HRMantra before, you may have to activate your computer to successfully log in to HRMantra. Activating your computer allows HRMantra to verify your identity and prevent unauthorized access.

  How can I be assured my data will be kept private?
We are committed to keeping your data private and secure. For a greater understanding of the legal obligations HRMantra.com adheres to regarding data privacy, refer to the Privacy Statement, as well as the HRMantra SaaS subscription agreement. You can view both items by clicking the relevant link at the bottom of any HRMantra website page within Privacy Policy link.

  Does HRMantra.com use my data for internal uses?
No. As outlined in the Privacy Statement, HRMantra.com does not review, share, distribute, print, or reference your data except as provided in the HRMantra.com Terms of Use, or as may be required by law. For exact information, refer to the Privacy Statement, as well as the Terms of Use agreement. You can view both items by clicking the relevant link at the bottom of any HRMantra website page within Privacy Policy link.

  What happens when the system goes down?
HRMantra.com has built redundancy into all systems to minimize any system failures that could be perceived as customer outages. All components of the system are proactively monitored and managed such that faults are detected before system outages. We realize that there may occasionally be system outages due to issues beyond our control. We have established numerous escalation procedures to notify the proper personnel in the event of any system outage, and remedy any issues as quickly as possible.

  How can I be sure my data won’t be lost?
We back up your data with a variety of methods to ensure that your organization does not experience any data loss. Every night all data is backed up to a separate backup server and high speed automatic tape library. In addition, the Data center at Mumbai is ISO27001 Certified which signifies highest data security standards world wide and earthquakes resistant.

  Can I house a backup of my data at my own site?
In order for you to house your own data, it would require you to own an SQL license, database hardware, application server hardware, and application server license, and also have an SQL DBA on staff. In order to keep administration and overall total cost of ownership down, we handle all of this for you. However, you can sign up to receive monthly backup files of your HRMantra data

  Will I see a degradation in performance as HRMantra’s subscriber base grows?
No. We are very conscious of performance and have designed the service to be scalable in such a way that we can constantly stay ahead of customer demand. We have incorporated multi-threading technologies in our software to speed up various processes and reports generation capabilities and during such processes the normal user does not see any dip in the response time. In addition, the facility that houses our servers provides us with guaranteed bandwidth, which we can increase as needed.

  What are the benefits of having the server at an ISO certified Data Centre?
The benefits of having the server at ISO certified Data Centre are
  • No IT setup / EDP required
  • No Annual Maintenance Costs ( AMCs )
  • No more software and hardware upgrade headaches
  • Standby technical resource not required
  • Up-to-date on the latest technology
  • Assured availability
What is the Implementation Methodology followed by HRMantra to implement HRMantra on demand software?
HRMantra software has got a defined methodology and a set of guidelines that enable smooth and quicker implementation. The process has matured over the last 14 years in which we have spent over 700 man years on it.
  What is the support mechanism?
We offer support thru telephones, email and online thru internet. Issues can be logged on to a Call Tracking System and based on the severity of the issue due priority will be given.
Getting Started
What browsers does HRMantra support?
We support Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above. Regardless of which browser you use, JavaScript must be enabled, and SSL v3 and 128-bit encryption must be available in your browser.

What languages does HRMantra support?
HRMantra supports as of now only the English Language

What is the job of the administrator?
If you are assigned to the Administrator profile, you are responsible for setting up your online "organization," which means adding users and configuring and customizing the system for your needs. This task is usually completed in a short time

How does HRMantra handle territory management?
HRMantra’s role hierarchy allows you to manage the roll-up of information among your company's territories. The hierarchy structure is not based on traditional titles, but rather on a hierarchy of roles. Multiple people with different titles can be assigned to the same role. Users always have access to the data that is owned by or shared with users assigned to roles below them in the hierarchy. A user’s role also determines which data is accessible to him or her in forecasts.


Your role hierarchy interacts with your organization’s sharing model to determine exactly what information a user can see, given the sharing setting is selected to use hierarchies. For forecasts, a user’s role always determines which information he or she can view, regardless of the sharing model. Likewise, in a Private sharing model, a user’s role determines his or her access to other users’ data. However, in a Public Read/Write or Public Read Only organization, users can view (and edit, for Public Read/Write) information of all other users, in addition to having access to the data of users below them in the hierarchy.

Can I do a mail merge with my data?
Yes. HRMANTRA has letter template designer and through this you can create any letter templates and can use mail merge facility to send an email.