Attendance Management

  1. HRMantra attendance management software has been configured to pick up swipe card data from any access control system directly on real time basis. HRMantra can pick up attendance data from any reader automatically on a real-time basis from all locations giving you instant analysis at the head office as to who has come at what time without calling anyone in any location.
  2. The attendance month period can be set different than the calendar month to take into account the cutoff provision to be able to give salaries on the 1st of every month.
  3. Public holidays can be different for different sets of employees and you can give the employees the right to choose maximum holidays in a year.
  4. You can define any number of fixed / flexi and semi flexi shifts in a day by defining the number of hours to be worked in a day and after how many hours the half day starts and whether the timeout can be on the next day.
  5. Any combination of weekly offs can be set for a group of employees based on every (say) Sunday and / or 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th and 5th (say) Saturday or on the basis of even / odd monthly or even / odd yearly occurrences of the day of the week.
  6. You can configure any number of attendance readers based on any number of organizational hierarchies and also decide whether you want to pick up the data from a file or from the database on online real time basis. There can be separate readers for in time and out time records.
  7. HRMantra also has a provision of separate permission cards which can be used to regularize attendance of employees who have come late to office coming in a company bus or have to be sent early in case of riots or heavy rains but it should record normal shift out.
  8. Attendance methods in HRMantra can be based on monthly register, daily attendance register or thru swipe card or biometric card with provision to give grace periods. In case there is swipe card record and leave application of an employee on the same day, then you can choose whether you want to consider attendance or leave as the status of the day.
  9. You can set very powerful absenteeism rules like:-
  10. Set weekly offs as absent if weekly is found between two absent
  11. Set public holiday as absent if public holiday is found between two absents
  12. Set weekly offs as absent if absence is found before or after weekly offs
  13. Set public holiday as absent if absence is found before or after public holiday.
  14. You can also decide whether an employee can regularize his attendance within how many days after his absence and the same can be approved within how many days of the attendance regularization submission.
  15. Employees can regularize their attendance online thru employee self service in case they forget to bring their swipe card.
  16. Auto shift rotation could be easily done employee group wise based on n number of shifts & weekly offs.
  17. Very powerful late coming, early going, monthly deficit hours and overtime policies can be set and whether the same be adjusted against an employee’s leave or salary based on fixed or multiple time or salary amount. You can also set maximum over time hours that can be taken and OT can start after how many minutes after shift out time. Condonement can also be done which regularizes the time but keeps a record of the actual time when an employee comes late or goes early.
  18. In case an employee is going out of office for duty or is working overtime, then such applications can be routed through it.
  19. The attendance process for an employee can be closed once his actual attendance processing is done so that he cannot go in the closed period and regularize his attendance.
  20. This way your biometric attendance system gets fully automated using our time and attendance software.

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